HDR Photography

Every photoshoot comes with interior and exterior photos taken with bracketed exposures. This allows FirstLight to efficiently take as many photos as necessary. While our post-processing technique helps separate FirstLight from the competition.


Twilight Photography

Artificial lighting and a lengthy post-processing technique is used to create 1 or 2 compositions to showcase the property at the highest possible quality. This is guaranteed to increase the number of people who view the property. Recommended for luxury estates.


Drone Photography

Drone Photos help showcase the property from its best possible angle while also showing surrounding views and areas. Bracketed HDR photos are taken for each shot and edited to highlight the property. (Still Images only at the moment).

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 6.11.21 PM.png

3D Virtual Tour

Click through sections of the home after taking a guided tour. Also you can give us details for any room and smart tags will be created. Can be embedded on property listing sites and most individual websites.


Virtual Staging

Add realistic furniture to your property photos to show a homes functionality and potential. More examples found in the Virtual Staging section of our site.


Virtual Renovation

Turn rooms or properties not suitable for photos yet into photos that showcase a properties potential. More examples can be found on our virtual staging page.



Several different options available for floorplans. Contact us for a full overview. Measurements need to be sketched first.


3D Floorplans


Bring a Floorplan to life with an Interior Render

Showcase part of a property not ready to be photographed or in the construction phase. Please ask for a quote. Renders are completely digital creations.


Exterior Render

Showcase a property still in development or have an extremely high quality image as the properties main photo. Please ask for a quote.


Exterior Aerial Render

Showcase an exterior render among the other homes in the area using an aerial photograph as the base image. Please ask for a quote.